Setting of Adventures

Mausoleum of Metal

There used to be a fort here, but it is now buried under a mountain of items blown in from other worlds. Cars and trains are strewn all about.

Mausoleum of Forests

A dense woodland blanketed in snow. Within the forest, exists a village of therianthropes. There is an old tower that humans have not entered for a long time towering over the woods.

Shadow Kingdom

A palace created by Marilith's immense magical power. As implied by the name, the beautiful white sparkling exterior, hides the monsters who wander the shadow covered halls within.

Valley of the Ruined

Slums made up from shipping containers modified by it's denizens, and a massive cruise ship, that sits blocking the narrow valley. A rough, dark and dangerous place called home by many outlaws.

Mausoleum of Ice

A shrine frozen solid by the frigid cold air. It is lit by glowing butterflies trapped within the walls. On top of having poor footing with its slippery floors, the cold prevents the use of all skills.

Underground Ghost Town

The ruins of a town that was buried deep under the earth by a volcanic eruption. Not only is it filled with toxic volcanic ash, venomous monsters also infest this place. Poisonous gas is spread throughout the labyrinth.

Mausoleum of Storms

A structure that is floats in the sky surrounded by a storm, raining lightning down from the heavens. Past the clouds, high in the sky is a mass of floating rocks. To reach the depths of the labyrinth you will be required to traverse a path that there is no turning back from.