What is a Dungeon RPG?

A Dungeon RPG (DRPG) is a specialized
form of the long traditional
"Dungeon Crawler" RPG genre.
Below are the three main points of enjoyment that
the DRPG genre brings to the player.


Being able to create your very own character and party.

Due to many of the games in this genre not having a set specific main character, the player is able to create their own avatar who will become the center of the story instead. From there the next step is to create a party of fellow adventurers for your travels. You will find with your newly formed party a growing attachment to these characters as they advance in both status and equipped items during your adventures.


Conquering dangerous dungeons.

Just as the name of the genre says, in "Dungeon RPGs" the main stage for your adventures is within various dungeons.
Within these complex mazes, dangers exist from not only monsters, but traps such as spikes and poison gas await the player. There is an indescribable feeling of accomplishment that has to be experienced for one's self when braving the dangers within these dark dungeons and to return victorious.


Defeating challenging bosses and acquiring rare loot.

Strengthen your party from experience and rare loot obtained from defeating the various formidable bosses lurking within the depths of the dungeons. With the newly gained strength it is time to take one's party to the next unconquered dungeon to challenge the menacing bosses that await inside. While this may seem like a simple "rinse and repeat" type of design, it is this very formula that keeps fans coming back for more again and again!

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Stranger of Sword City
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March 22, 2016
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March 29, 2016
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