Introduction of Facilities

The main base of operation for your adventures, the Strangers Guild. Within you will find many invaluable features to assist you on your quest.


The main entrance of the Guild and main connecting point for the various facilities.
You will be able to Save and Load your game data here.


The residential area for the guild members, managed by Mrs. Gurruba.
Here you can Recover life points or Revive members who have fallen in combat.

The two selectable methods are, the highly expensive "Instant" treatment or "Normal" treatment, which requires the character to be hospitalized for a set period of time.
The main character can only be treated by the "Instant" method.

Leaders Room

The room that Riu uses as she assumes the role of the stand-in leader.
You can register, manage and change jobs of new and current members.


A shop run by Gillius.
Here you can buy & sell equipment and goods.
In addition you will also be able to transfer items to Storage.