Character Making

You will create your own main character and their companions and then adventure through the world of Escario the Sword City.
Gender, appearance, and class are all customizable. Take advantage of the special features of the various races and classes to create your perfect party.

Flow of Character Making

You are able to register up to 16 characters.
Members that are on standby are able to gain exp by self training.

Select Age, Race and Talents.
The higher the characters Age, the higher Bonus Points will be, but Life Points will be lower which increases the risk of "vanishing."

Bonus Points to add to the characters base stats.
You can re-roll these bonus points as many times as you want, so keep trying until you are satisfied!

Setting the Voice, Name and Nickname will complete the Character Making.
You have just registered an ally who will share in the joys and sorrows of your adventures.

The key to clearing the game is to effectively use your sub-members!

Main Character

Your avatar in this world. Due to unknown circumstances you have found yourself in the "Sword City" Escario. Along with Riu and the others you take part in the search to find a way back home to modern times.

Talent: Chosen One
[Main Character Exclusive]
Special ability that allows you to extract Blood Crystals from Lineage Species. Life Points do not decrease upon death.

You can change the Portrait, Gender and Class.
(Race is fixed as Human)